Deciding to form a live agency during a worldwide pandemic might not be everyone's choice of timing, but that's exactly what happened
when BiGiAM partner, Mark Ede, formed BiGiAM Agency in late 2021.
"I think the pandemic caused a lot of people to rethink their values - their priorities - and I was no exception," reports Mark. "I think at times like that you reflect on what things are actually important to you - you have a bit of a reset - and what I realised was important to me was supporting music I actually loved, rather than simply involving myself in projects that offered the biggest prospect of commercial success.”

What emerged from these reflections was the formation of a bespoke live agency, containing a hand-picked roster of sincere, heartfelt artists of unquestionable talent reminiscent of the golden age of Laurel Canyon, ie artists with true musicality who could really sing and who genuinely had something to say.
"It's integrity and sincerity that counts," says Mark. "Wearing all one's influences on one's sleeve is fine, but at the end of the day, a true artist must be their own true voice, telling their own story."

Pandemic or not, the plan seems to be working as festival and venue bookers offered 150 shows for the agency roster in the first three months of business, including two noted festivals even offering headline shows for the entire roster.

"We're off to a great start thanks to the talents of the artists concerned," reports Mark, "but ultimately our yardstick will be quality over quantity in terms of our aspirations and achievements. My belief is if we concentrate on the art, the commerce will follow. In an overcrowded market, we have to develop our own brand and identity, our own niche, and be very true to our beliefs through thick and thin. For me, there is simply no other way."