BIMM Brighton Marketing & PR Module

2nd February 2022
Big I Am

Alison, our founder/owner/director, is thrilled to be helping deliver a 12 week Marketing & PR module at BIMM Brighton.

The 12 week course covers both theory and practical elements, and includes sessions on Creative PR, The Power Of Persuasion, Tracking An Audience/Buyers Journey, Branding, Situation Analysis, Social Media, Digital Marketing and more.

Information taken from the BIMM website:

‘This module has been designed to give you a thorough overview of the basics of music, events and creative industry marketing and PR. You will explore the relationship between brands, audiences and behaviours, and how marketers deliver effective, impactful real-world campaigns. Engaging with the resources and activities across the 12 weeks will allow you to develop your own, individual, creative approach to marketing, PR and brand development.

Whether your ambition is to market music events and festival brands, raise awareness around your own music, or just build some new fans on your own brand platforms, this module will set you up.’

Thanks for asking BiGiAM to be involved. It’s a pleasure to help share our experience and knowledge with the students. The course runs until mid-May 2022.