We have developed a cost-effective Music Management Consultancy Package.
This differs from Music Management per-se; it’s a service used by musicians to help them with a strategic self-management plan.

One of the difficulties of being an independent artist can be getting a real sense of perspective and objectivity. Having worked with successful artists, world class musicians and grammy winning/nominated producers over many years, BiGiAM are well placed to help artists identify, and address, the issues most helpful to career development and getting the best results.
Hence, we have helped many musicians carve a positive path in the music industry via our Music Management Consultancy services.

We are here to help and advise. We’ll review your position in the industry, looking at your strengths and weaknesses as an artist/band (in the main, based on the roots, blues, folk sensibilities of your act). We’ll then ascertain a strategy for helping your career move forward.

A one-to-one consultancy session will include (but is not limited to):

Strategy & self management
Ensuring consistent imaging and marketing tools
Web Based EPK
Social Media
Fan Growth/Management
Web Design
Promoters/Agents/Live shows
Releasing an EP/Album
Being Your Own Promoter/Agent/Record Label
Key Contact Recommendations