Catch Kaz Hawkins & Band On their Autumn 2017 Tour

13th August 2017
Big I Am

This UK tour could be the final chance to catch Kaz and ‘her boys’ in full-on award-winning mode!

Kaz Hawkins and her band have announced an end to their touring schedule – at the end of 2017. The band cite financial pressures as the reason to go their separate ways, and the decline of Kaz’s health also plays a part.

Kaz and her ‘band of men’ are proud that they have made so many people happy with their performances… and hope that their autumn 2017 tour will bring fans out in force to say goodbye.

More on the band and their news just here

Forthcoming tour dates include:

28/09/2017​ – ​​LIVERPOOL
29/09/2017​ – ​WIGAN
25/10/2017​ – ​WOLVERHAMPTON
26/10/2017​ – ​CHELTENHAM
27/10/2017​ – ​SHEFFIELD
28/10/2017​ – ​NOTTINGHAM
02/11/2017​ – ​BARNOLDSWICK
08/11/2017​ – ​WORTHING
09/11/2017​ – ​MILTON KEYNES
10/11/2017​ – ​RUNCORN
11/11/2017​ – ​OLDHAM
12/11/2017​ – ​BROADSTAIRS