Festival Buskers required for Colne Blues Fest 2019

30th May 2019
Big I Am

The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival are looking for buskers to play at their six dedicated busker gazebos placed across the town of Colne on Saturday 24th August and Sunday 25th August.

They are seeking buskers who can play in a blues/roots style, offering free-to-enjoy music for festival goers from 2pm until 8pm each day.

In return, they will offer a designated festival gazebo to play in, publicity around the show via the festival website and social media and (it goes without saying really), if buskers place down a hat/guitar case, they get to keep any coins/notes that come their way. Around 20,000 people attended both the 2017 and 2018 festivals and they adored being entertained and were very generous.

To apply to play, please fill in the form on the Colne Fest buskers page. Once you have applied, Paddy, the musical director for the festival, will be in touch.