High-energy soulful blues and rock’n’roll – Kaz Hawkins plays final full band UK tour. Autumn 2017.

6th September 2017
Big I Am

Expect high-energy, soulful blues and rock’n’roll from Kaz Hawkins and her band as they embark on their final UK tour as a full band – during Autumn 2017.

​Kaz Hawkins is a​ Belfast born singer-songwriter. Her high energy, original shows, her 1950’s style swing-dress-meets-Dr Martens look and her ability to closely connect with
the audience make Kaz one of the most popular blues-related artists in the UK.

Underground for years as a secret songwriter, Kaz Hawkins is now established as one the biggest performers to come out of Northern Ireland.
Known as “a vocal force” on stage, she envelops the fighting spirit of a true powerhouse singer.
Kaz is much-loved for her deep, powerful voice, original songwriting and down to earth attitude; she brings fun to every performance and is loved not only by her fans, but anyone who meets her. She has lived and sung ‘The Blues’, yet has much more to offer across differing genres – soul, rockabilly, folk & more.

Kaz Hawkins and her band won the right to represent the UK at both the International Blues Challenge in Memphis and the European Blues Challenge in Denmark earlier this year. The band went down a storm in Memphis and returned home as proud semi-finalists. In Denmark the band WON the European title.

Kaz and her band have helped them make history in the UK blues scene with their mix of rock and roots blended with Kaz’s soulful songwriting. The band ​are proud that they have made so many fans happy with their performances and they hope that this final full band tour will bring fans out in force to say goodbye.

Tour dates:

​28th September ​Royal Philharmonic,​ Liverpool​

​29th September​ The Old Courts,​ Wigan​

​30th September​ Blues Rock Festival​, Carlisle​

​1st October​ ​Callander Jazz & Blues Festival, Loch Lomand

​25th October The Robin 2, Wolverhampton​

​26th October The Bacon Theatre, Cheltenham​

​27th October The Greystones, Sheffield​

​28th October Farnsfield Village Hall, Nottingham ​

​2nd November​ Music and Arts Centre​, Barnoldswick ​

​3rd November P&O Blues Cruise​, Amsterdam​

​8th November Worthing Pier’s Southern Pavilion, Worthing​

​9th November The Stables, Milton Keynes​

​10th November Bridnley Theatre, Runcorn​

​11th November Playhouse 2, Oldham​

plus more dates via the band’s site.

​More on the band and their reasons to stop touring​

Kaz, Nick, Peter and Jan​ -​ KHB​ (Kaz Hawkins Band)​ ​- ​as they are known in band format​,​ have agreed that they cannot continue to tour ​due to both financial constraints and underlying health issues.

​Kaz explains:
“We are ​like family and have achieved so much in such a short space of time​.​ W​e are so thankful to the many who have supported us, but ​the band has become a financial burden and I cannot expect my band of men to sacrifice their families and work anymore.
I have also put my own health at risk by putting things off because of our touring and I now have to address those​ issues​. I would like to spend 2018 getting myself healthy again and focus on my songwriting, perhaps some co-writing. In essence, we​ all​ just need time out”.​

Kaz will continue​ work​ as a solo artist​,​ but will not be booking tours until 2019.​ There may also be some one-off future shows for the full band should finances allow.​

Kaz Hawkins Band would like to thank everyone who has supported them​ on their journey so far.

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