Kaz Hawkins – intimate piano/voice tour and album

1st June 2017
Big I Am

“I want listeners to hear every breath I make, feel the tears that came when I recorded certain songs, smile when they hear me having fun with the vocal. Music is a journey through the emotions and I laid all mine bare on this recording. Something happened when Sam and I entered the studio… I entirely trust him and his talent”.

Multi-award winning singer/songwriter Kaz Hawkins releases a personal, emotional and intimate piano and vocal album on Saturday 22nd July.

Featuring Sam York on piano and guitar and featuring her daughter Amy on the track ‘My Daughter My Reflection’, the new album ‘Don’t You Know’ is available to order on PledgeMusic until 29th June 2017.

Living in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, Kaz Hawkins is an inspirational speaker and mental health awareness campaigner tackling issues that affect society through her songs. In surviving many traumas, Kaz has become a shining light; the ultimate example of true commitment and persistence to follow your dreams…

More on this album and how to order online:
Kaz Hawkins via Pledge Music

Beautiful track ‘My Daughter My Reflection’ from the forthcoming album ‘Don’t You Know’.