‘Dark Deals’ Out 11th March Ahead Of New Ben Hemming Album

9th March 2020
Big I Am


‘Broken Road’, the new album by Ben Hemming, although slightly lighter in tone than it’s breakthrough predecessor, ‘The Devil Beside Me’, still follows Hemming’s dark and cathartic songwriting, developing a maturity that marks his fourth album to date.

As implied in the title, the album is about journey and progression and the troubled paths in which life can lead us. “I guess the journey is as important as the destination” he explains. “With this record I really wanted to develop my style while keeping faithful to the music that has taken me this far. I suppose the album is about the twisted path life can take you on, you can have an idea where you want to end up but getting there is often a different story. The songs deal with the range of emotions that can accompany you on that journey, isolation, despair, loss of self, but also reflection, evolution and ultimately, hope.”

The result is a collection of songs that have developed to a new level of musical maturity from previous albums. A land mark recording full of the lyrical poetry and imagery that stands Ben Hemming apart from others, while still retaining the rawness of emotion of past releases.

Returning to Velvet Recording in Norway, the scene of 2017’s ‘City of Streets’ and working again with producer Nick Terry (The Libertines, Ian Brown, Klaxons) Ben Hemming has tried hard to keep his roots close at hand while pushing out into new territory. “I feel I’ve surrounded myself with people who understand what I’m trying to achieve in my music. It’s a safe environment that has really helped develop my songwriting to the next level. I guess I found the self-belief I’ve been looking for.’’

Ben Hemming, at the forefront of the U.K. Nu-Blues scene, is continuing to bask in the limelight with his new album ‘Broken Road’ set to be released on June 17th 2020 with the first single ‘Dark Deals’ (see below) being released on 11th March.