Lethbridge Owen’s New Album ‘Mind Over Matter’ Out Now

5th April 2019
Big I Am

We are delighted to announce, Lethbridge Owen have just released today their new album ‘Mind Over Matter’ with guitar work by Jimmy Owen and vocals of Kelly Louise Lethbridge. The album is available on most outlets. Tony Corner, Pete Feenstra and others, have already given kind words on the release.

Put simply, Lethbridge Owen are arguably what ‘The Rumours’ line-up of Fleetwood Mac could have
been if they hadn’t imploded. Superb!!
Pete Feenstra

Lethbridge Owen’s new music crosses genre boundaries with panache and class; echoes of
Fleetwood Mac with a modern, vibrant application and fully from the heart. Thoughtful, fresh and
engaging, this is music that everyone should give a chance. It will richly reward those that do.

Great Music Stories – featured artist – Guy Bellamy

Here is the official music video for ‘Re-Inspire’, a track from their new album ‘Mind Over Matter’ featuring the legendary Chris Maresh (Eric Johnson/ Alien Love Child) on Bass and the amazing Erik Stams on Drums! (on record).