Look out for Colne Festival’s Art Exhibition this summer…

20th July 2019
Big I Am

New for the 2019 festival: Art Exhibition and meet the Festival Artist In Residence.

The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival are excited to announce that the festival artist Pete Marsh Art will exhibit a selection of artworks at #ColneBlues2019. Pete will be on hand to sketch the musicians performing at this year’s event, and will be doing so at the Muni venue in Colne. You can expect to see some of his work from 2017 and 2018’s festivals, and live sketches of the acts from this year.

The exhibition will be at the ColneMuni venue for the duration of the 2019 festival and forms part of a series of festival special events.

Pete says, “My motivation is live music performance, as it is the atmosphere which interests me… so I only paint gigs I’ve attended. A finished painting is usually constructed from a montage of different photographs from the same gig, plus visual memories along with the influence of my live sketches.
Working as Artist-in-Residence at The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival excites me because the line-up is impressive and varied. The festival not only gives me opportunities to produce more work of familiar faces, but also fresh work of musicians I have yet to commit to canvas”.