SoulTracks Premieres Mike Farris’ ‘Movin’ Me’ Video ft. Jo Harman

23rd September 2019
Big I Am

SoulTracks have just premiered Grammy-Award winner Mike Farris’ live video performance of ‘Movin’ Me’ featuring Jo Harman. During Mike’s Spring touring at the beginning of this year, he was invited to perform at Masterlink Studios where he performed ‘River Jordan’, his own gospel take on the song, and ‘Movin Me’ a track from his newest album SIlver and Stone.

‘In an increasingly ‘music by numbers’ world, how refreshing to see a real live room of real live talent just making music as it’s supposed to be made, organically and ‘in the moment’. No cheats, no charts, no overdubs, no fixes, this is the real thing. Both Mike Farris and Jo Harman (who features a cameo lead vocal in this video) are very much the real deal and they share a double header bill at the prestigious Under the Bridge in Chelsea on 21st January 2020, promoted by AGMP, for London Blues Month. Tickets already selling strongly this show is already an early contender for one of the gigs of the year! Tickets can be found here.

Soul singer-songwriter Jo Harman features on this session with Mike, along with Elles Bailey and Helena May Harrison on backing vocals. SoulTracks comments that they ‘are extremely proud to present the World Premiere of this fantastic live performance‘ and that it is an ‘absolutely stunning performance.’ Read the full article here and watch below for the video.