Mike Ross ‘Places’ – His Funky Take On Lockdown

16th May 2020
Big I Am

Mike Ross Is Soon To Release ‘Places’, His Funky Take On The Current Lockdown Crisis – Out 29th May 2020

‘Funk isolation’.
‘Funk Fear’.

In a world where just leaving your home can be fatal, Mike Ross is choosing to funk fear and is using his music to bring people together.

‘Places’ is a song written in a day, a shout out to people all over the world to connect and share their spaces with each other. As Mike explains ‘the reality of lockdown began to hit hard I began to hear from a lot of friends and family that were really struggling with the isolation of it all. The enforced solitude was really frightening to them and anxiety was through the roof. My personal solution to this was to write a song that would help to connect people – one that encourages them to come together by sharing images of where they are, be that empty cities, the open countryside or even inside their own homes. With this in mind I sat down and out poured the lyrics for the song, it took about as long to write as it takes to read them!

Next day, Mike recorded all the vocals and instruments (electric guitar & bass, hammond organ, drum machine & percussion) over a single 6 hour session in his home studio before reaching out to his funky friend Thomas Atlas who mixed the track, adding further percussion and some real drums. The result is a funk rock monster with powerful vocals, gritty organ, scratching wah-wah guitar and huge choruses. Mike then turned to social media, asking for short film clips from all over the world that have been used to construct a video to accompany the track.

As the song says ‘If you don’t want to wind up dead, just stay safe at home instead


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