#ColneBlues2019: Stage Announcement

19th December 2018
Big I Am

Mini Muni Stage: Line Ups Announced – Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival, Colne, August 2019.

This 100 capacity intimate venue was a new introduction to the festival for 2018… and was such a huge hit, it is back by popular demand for the 2019 event.

This space will showcase a range of blues music in all it’s beautiful forms – jazz blues, traditional blues, gospel blues, spiritual blues, 12-bar blues, rock n roll, urban blues, country blues… and more.

To witness (and enjoy) the musical diversity on this stage, will be to experience the impact that blues music, in its various forms, has had on influencing many strands of popular music.

The Mini Muni workshops will look at the role of harmonica, bass and drums in music, and in blues music in particular.

Expect music which connects with the soul; music to excite. This is a stage for art and self-expression via the medium of the blues.

View 2019 line ups here.