Tangerine Rye Releases Single ‘La La Lemonade’

19th October 2019
Big I Am

Tangerine Rye are a rising young band comprised of childhood friends Jordan Susanto (vocals, guitar) and Hal Abrahms (Fender bass, vocals), with Cambridge Oscar Reynolds on the drum kit.

Their music is soul-based rock, drawing heavily from the blues language and retro pop hooks. Following the enthusiastic reception of their self-titled and self released debut EP, the band are pleased to announce their sophomore outing, ‘Sticky’ which develops the pre-existing uniqueness of their sound, featuring a wide range of musical styles, all tied together by timeless, heartfelt songwriting.

The first single, ‘La La Lemonade’ is a funky and soulful summer-set love story laden with pop hooks, fusing the old with the new by homaging Motown and Stax repertoire, but also incorporating many contemporary Neo-Soul touches. It is a fresh addition to the band’s diverse index of songs.

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